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Make polls and surveys easily with Enketo

Enketo is a free poll and survey maker that makes it the perfect collaboration tool. With Enketo, presenters and educators can make polls and share live results with the audience in real-time.


The ultimate poll and survey maker

Quick and Easy Polls

Enketo lets you swiftly create custom polls. Perfect for instant feedback, quick opinions, or group consensus. Tailor-made for your unique needs.

Engage in Real Time with Live Results

Keep your audience on their toes with live result updates. Perfect for classrooms, presentations, or any event where instant feedback matters.

QR Code Sharing

Project your poll's QR code or share it directly. A quick scan from participants brings them straight to your poll.

Reliable Bot Detection

Vote with confidence. Our advanced bot detection system ensures every vote is genuine, securing the accuracy of your results..

Perfect for presenters and educators

Share your poll with a QR Code or a link, and display the results as they come in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With Enketo, you can make unlimited polls and surveys free of cost. For more advanced features, like multi-step polls, you can upgrade to the PRO version.

There is no limitation on the participation number of a poll. You can have hundreds and thousands of users vote on your survey without worrying about reaching the poll limit.

Yes, absolutely. Our platform is secured from bots and ensures that you only get real and authentic votes. The results are 100% accurate and reliable.

No, an account is not required to use the free live poll feature of Enketo. However, it is recommended that you can save results and share them later.

Yes, if you don't have an account on Enketo, your poll will can be deleted after 72 hours. With an account, you can make a poll and save it for later.

Both options are used to prevent multiple submissions from the same user. The Browser option will use the browser's local storage to store the user's response. This can be easily bypassed by clearing the browser's local storage. The IP Address option is not as easy to bypass, but it will be a problem if participants are on the same network. For example, if you are in a classroom and you are using the school's network, all the students will have the same IP Address. In this case, you should use the Browser option.

You can access a poll you previously created by clicking on the 'My Polls' button on the account menu. You will be redirected to the 'My Polls' page where you can view all the polls you have created. This will only work if you have created an account and saved the poll.

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Start creating polls today!

Create polls and get feedback from your audience in seconds. It's free, easy, and fun!


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